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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to swim?
Yes. For the Open Water Course you are required to take a swim/snorkel test. You are required to swim comfortably and controlled for 200 yards or snorkel for 300 yards and pass a survival float for 10 minutes.

Do I have to get a doctor's note for diving?
Please review the PADI Medical Form found below. If you 'Yes" to any of the PADI medical questions then you will need a doctor's signature before starting any in-water training. Once completed, bring the PADI Medical Form to an instructor at Grove Scuba.

Do I have to be certified to dive?
No. We offer a program call Discover Scuba Diving for non-certified divers. Please refer to the link below for more information on our Discover Scuba Course!

I want to dive today. Can you take me diving?
If you are a certified diver we can set you up with a trip if there is space available. If you are certified, we normally need reservations in advance. However, there are days when we have an instructor on call to enter the water. Please see the link below for more information on our Miami dive schedule.

You are located in Coconut Grove, so why doesn't the boat leave from Coconut Grove?
Grove Scuba, and most of the other dive operators in Miami, use a charter vessel for the trips. This means that we share spaces on the boat with customers from other shops as well. The Miami Beach Marina is where our charter boat leaves from. If you are taking a trip with us, you are responsible for checking-in at the marina half an hour prior to check-in. Please be mindful of local traffic conditions.
  • Our address is 2809 SW 27th Ave. Coconut Grove FL 33133
  • The marina address is 300 Alton Rd. Miami Beach FL 33139

Does the boat have a Divemaster I can dive with?
Since we use a charter vessel, we do not staff the boat with Divemasters. You can hire one of our instructors for the day to be your professional dive guide. This also works well if you do not have a dive buddy. The boat requires that everyone dives with a buddy, so let one of our staff members show you around! The private guide fee is $150 per day for up to two divers. Each additional diver is $25 (maximum four divers).

I loved diving and now I want to purchase some of my own gear. What are my options?
Our showroom features recreational dive equipment from top manufacturers in the diving industry. We will gladly help you pick out some gear that will be tailored to your specific diving needs and goals. We also offer full gear packages at discounted prices. Come on by and try out gear for yourself! We also have an online store, featuring a range of diving products and customized gear packages, shipped right to your door!

I want to do a dive in the Florida Keys. Is this possible?
We love diving in the Keys! Given that there is no other class running that day, we would love to set up a trip down to Key Largo. Let usknow in advance and we will be sure to schedule you for a memorable diving excursion to the famed wrecks or pristine reefs. Please check out our Diving Rates and Packages for more details!

What is your return policy? How about the cancellation policy?
It is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with out policies regarding cancellations and returns. These can be found below.